Alexander Shorokhoff

V-Watches is the exclusive distributor of Alexander Shorokhoff watches in Greece and Cyprus.

Alexander Shorokhov is the founder, owner and designer of the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacturer in Alzenau, Born in Moscow in 1960.

In the beginning of the nineties the young engineer leaves for Germany and shortly afterwards takes over the distribution of the Russian watch company “Poljot”. In 2002, he founded his own manufacturer in the Bavarian town of Alzenau which is today a globally operating company and ready for setting new course in the well-established watch market. 


His watch design is polarizing, provoking, and generating emotions. He was inspired by the artists of the European and Russian Avantgarde, which have changed art, architecture and design thoroughly. The Avantgarde collection by the manufacturer Alexander Shorokhoff is made for people to whom provocation means a good challenge; deciding to buy an Avantgarde watch means deciding for individualism in the broadly standardized watch market.


Avantgarde by Alexander Shorokhoff Russian modernity in watch design


The Alexander Shorokhoff watches made in the manufacturer in Alzenau are influenced by this powerful art epoch of the Russian Avantgarde and reflect it with their unequivocal design which is without any parallel in the world of mechanical watches. The founder of the Russian Suprematism and forerunner of its further development into constructivism is the Russian- Ukrainian artist Kazimir Malevich. For Malevich the Suprematism was a revolutionary kind of art. Its influence can be noticed from the beginning of the 20th century until after World War II. The new style of “OP Art” is not thinkable without it. Their essential characteristic is the break with the visible and tangible reality and the development to a repertoire of pure geometrical forms.


The watch design of the brand Alexander Shorokhoff follows this tradition. The colour scheme and the abstract forms serve for disintegration and new interpretation. This kind of art is breaking with the habitual seeing. The design is actually adapted to the parameters of the dial, but it subtly disrupts the glance of the viewer and leads his eyes to quite other dimensions. With that the design meets the chief requirement of the Russian Suprematism - the expression of emotions, passion, joy, rhythm and dynamics as well as the “pure sensation” of “black on white” and the clearness of colors and forms – all this is reflected in the design of the Avantgarde watch models.


Avantgarde Cillection: Alzenau, spring 2013. 

The watch design of the young line Avantgarde by Alexander Shorokhoff, with its special colors and forms, created by the manufacturer Alexander Shorokhoff, finds its roots in the classical modernity of the beginning 20th century. And it is all originally Shorokhov. The entrepreneur, designer and owner of the German watch manufacturer with Russian roots is drawing on plentiful resources of his culture and art while catching the spirit of today.