Q: Who can order a custom made watch?
A: Any group of people, united with a common purpose and/or interest, who has or wishes to order a common logo or emblem. Vichos Wathes’ designers can offer several designs for a logo. Usually our customers are groups of pilots of Air Force, Military men, football teams or private companies
Q: How many pieces have to be produced?
A: The final number of pieces in a Special Project depends on the brand and the choosen model. If customization of the dial and of the case back is required, the usual minimum amount is 50 to 100 pieces. Customized engraving on the case can be performed even on one piece only. Customization of the box cover requires the minimum of 30 pieces.
Q: What is the procedure?
A: The first step is the selection of the model. Next if the logo meets the technical requirements (is a vector file, .cdr, .eps or .ai), we place it on the dial and make the first drawings of the customized watch. If the logo is on suitable, Vichos Watches undertakes its design. The variety of drawings is made in Greece in order the customer to choose the best design. Once the final drawing is approved, it is sent to the factory where the technical details are designed. When the final technical drawing is approved, the order for special project is placed.
Q: How long does it take to deliver a special project?
A: 3 to 6 Months. As we pay special attention to the quality of our products, the customization is not made with stickers, but the whole dial is printed with logo on it. First samples are produced and approved, afterwards the mass production begins. The high level of quality requires longer production time.
Q: Can I see a sample before I decide?
A: The production of customized dial and back cover requires a special costruction, which is not profitable to be made for one watch only.
Q: Can I print/engrave different logo on every watch?
A: The customization on the dial and on the back case has to be the same for all the watches. One can customize his watch, engraving on the side of the watch case with a small extra cost.
Q: How can I purchase an existing Special Project watch?
A: Special Projects are not for sale in the retail shops. One can purchase them upon request at Vichos Watches or at special sections dedicated to rare watches or Limited Editions as f.e. at www.watchlovers.gr or www.airforce.gr